The Journey

 I started practicing Yoga in 2006, during my fashion designing days. But life continues to show me the importance of always being a work in progress and the need to dig deeper into self-reflection, growth and change.  A few years ago, I chose to focus on the path of Yoga and continue to be extremely grateful for the incredible teachers I've encountered along the way.

Through my teachers and my students, I hope it never ceases to be a learning process.





The Training

It took a lot of courage and some really great friends to muster up the move to India in 2013, for my first Hatha Yoga teachers training with Noah McKenna in Mysore. That opened a door and a chronic case of Wanderlust of annual trips to India and beyond. Since then, I have had the honor of studying with incredibly inspiring teachers such as Saraswathi Jois, Vinay Kumar, Amit & Lina ReinaJade Wood and Cameron & Melayne Shayne.

I've also done some great workshops with Greville Henwood, Tymi Howard, Mark Robberds and Ajay Kumar.



The Practice

 I believe in developing a Yoga practice based on proper foundations and correct alignment. My classes place a strong emphasis on building  mind/body awareness through breath. I'm a fan of hands-on adjustments and eventually, I hope that my students take away the knowledge and skills of how to best allow self-reflection and observation to take place both on and off the mat.




The Teaching
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Foundations of Yoga

This month-long program is a breakdown of the essential foundations for a solid Yoga practice, appropriate for both new and existing practitioners. We go back to the basics and cover beginners philosophy, breathing techniques, mindfulness practices and in-depth instructions on how to perform sun salutations and traditional asanas, both safely and correctly.